Dot type mini LED modules for application AS direct light signs.
3 years warranty
3 years
IP 68
IP 68
Color temperature: RGB, 4000K - - 7000K
RGB, 4000K - - 7000K
Beam angle: 120°
Constant current driver system

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Tested in a wide range to use.

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The maximum number of modules connected in one chain is 50 pcs.!
In case of use of the larger number of modules, please connect them to power supply by separate cables (parallel connection of chains)

Rated power/ forwarding current0.36W/30mA, 0.3W/25m – RGB
Voltage12V, 5V-RGB, RGBD
Luminous flux [Lm]White – 27 lm, red – 14 lm, blue – 5lm, green 18 lm, RGB – 6lm
Light efficiencyWhite – 44 lm/W, red – 23 lm/W, blue – 16lm/W, green 30lm/W, RGB – 10lm/W
Beam angle145°
Color temperature [K]4000K, 7000-8000K, Red, Blue, Green, RGB,RGBD
Operating temperature-25°C ~ 60 °C
Dimensions (l x w x h)20,5x18,5 x15,7 – 12mm diameter
Module spacing [mm]85 mm
Chip2835, RGB - 5050
IP ratingIP 65
LED lifespan [h]50 000h
Maximum quantity in single chain50 pcs.
Warranty3 years